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Payment Services

Trusted Partner of INGENICO Group with access to a wide range of electronic payment terminals

equipement and Point of Salesoftwares solutions

image of AXIUM DX8000


Powered by Android 10, AXIUM DX8000 is the payment device that provides the best-in-class buying experience, while optimizing performance and security.

image of  The Move/2500

The Move/2500

The Move/2500 boosts contactless payment by offering customers a seamless experience through a dedicated card-reader zone and faster transaction flow. It can connect via 4G/3G, Wifi or the Ethernet network.

image of APOS A8


The APOS A8 brings the entire Android-based software ECR portfolio to support merchants embracing Android tablet-POS to drive their business and take advantage of the most open set of business applications on the market.